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Answering patient and health care professional questions: help guide our resources

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We desire to engage our audiences in a direct and meaningful way to ensure they are connected to accurate and appropriate information about thrombosis, thrombophilia and anticoagulation. Unfortunately, the demand for information currently exceeds our organizational capacity to meet it. Due to resource limitations, we regret we are unable to address individual questions, comments and medical concerns.

We realize there is a need for patients and health care professionals to ask individual questions and Clot Connect would like to be able to offer this valuable service. Unfortunately, we do not have adequate staff and budget resources to meet this need effectively at this time.  Although housed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Clot Connect receives no direct funds from the university nor the State of North Carolina. The program is entirely funded by a combination of grants and donations.

Help us determine the need for a future Q&A service. Please complete our new survey so we can best understand your need to have individual questions answered.

Please consider supporting Clot Connect with a tax-deductible financial contribution so we can fulfill our educational mission. Information about Clot Connect, our budget needs and future plans can be found in our annual report.

Clot Connect is pleased to provide general educational information on thrombosis, thrombophilia and anticoagulation via this website. We encourage you to use the information found on this site as preparation for a one-on-one discussion with your health care professional, who will understand your unique medical history best.

To share your clot experiences and to connect with other patients who may have had similar experiences,

please visit and post on the Clot Connect Discussion Forum.

Thank you for your support of Clot Connect and our mission to increase knowledge of blood clots and clotting disorders by providing education and support resources for patients and health care professionals.