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Clinic serving the uninsured encourages blood clot awareness

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Community Free Clinic of Newport NewsCommunity Free Clinic of Newport News, Virginia is a community clinic which provides medical care to the uninsured residents of the Virginia Peninsula.  The clinic is located in the Southeast Community of Newport News, a geographic area in which the population is predominately poor, uninsured and African American. 

The need for health care services in the community is great.  Residents in this area utilize hospital services (emergency and hospital) at a rate that is twice the rate for all residents of Newport News and the State of Virginia. Death rates in this community exceed the city overall rates and the state for many medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke.

The Clot Connect project is pleased to partner with the Community Free Clinic of Newport News to provide blood clot awareness information to the patient community it serves.  Many blood clots are preventable, so it is important for people to understand their risk factors and take action to reduce their risk.  Improved awareness and access to treatment can save lives.

On September 10, 2011 the Clinic will hold a Community Health Day which will include screenings and preventative health information.  Volunteer health care professionals provide a significant proportion of health care services at the clinic.  If you are a health care professional living in greater Virginia Peninsula area and wish to volunteer, contact the clinic at 757-594-4060.