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Reducing blood clots associated with hospitalization

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Clot Connect display tableOn January 25, Clot Connect participated in the North Carolina Safe Surgery Conference, sponsored by the NC Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety. The event brought together organizations and health care professionals committed to making surgical care a safer experience for patients.

Clot Connect’s Program Director, Beth Waldron, spoke at the conference,  calling upon attendees to recognize deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) as an important patient safety issue and encouraging the use of Clot Connect’s educational resources. 

Rob Charlier, a patient from Raleigh, NC, presented his personal experience with deep vein thrombosis following orthopedic surgery last year.

The event kicked off the NC Safe Surgery Collaborative in which participating hospitals will work together in a statewide collaborative designed to improve perioperative safety by implementing core, evidence-based interventions within the context of an open learning network. A goal of the collaborative is to reduce post-surgical DVT and PE rates by 25%.

Expanded education of both patients and health care professionals plays an important role in addressing hospital-associated blood clots. It is estimated that 40% or more of hospital-associated clots could be prevented with enhanced prophylaxis (clot prevention measures). Clot Connect is pleased to lend support to clot prevention efforts as part of our educational outreach mission.