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Webinar for patients who have experienced DVT and PE announced

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Blood Clots (DVT and PE): What Patients Need to Know

November 16, 2011


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blood cellsClot Connect is pleased to announce its first patient education webinar, scheduled for November 16, 2011 at 3PM ET.   "Blood Clots (DVT and PE): What Patients Need to Know" is an interactive webinar designed for persons who have experienced deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE).  Presented by Dr. Stephan Moll, a hematologist of the University of North Carolina Thrombosis Center, topics will include venous blood clots, clotting disorders and treatment issues. The webinar lasts approximately 60 minutes including time for questions.  Space is limited, early registration is encouraged.  Register here. 

Have a question you'd like to see addressed during the webinar?   You can submit questions or desired topics to cover in advance using the 'Questions/Comments' box on the registrations form. While we will make an effort to address questions during the webinar, there is no guarantee that all questions will be covered.

We respect your privacy.  Your contact information provided during registration will only be used to communicate with you about this webinar event.  

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If you cannot attend this live event, it will be recorded and posted on the clotconnect.org website for viewing afterwards. 

This webinar is provided by Clot Connect, an initiative of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Blood Clot Outreach Program.