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November/December 2014

Patient education video, recent studies, upcoming events

September/October 2014

Patient education webinar, Eliquis FDA approved, Annual program report

July/August 2014

Emergent anticoagulation reversal, travel and blood clots, World Thrombosis Day

May/June 2014

Patients guide to DVT and PE, bleeding risk with pain medications and anticoagulants, anticoagulants approved for DVT/PE

March/April 2014

What you need to know about blood clots, Understanding DVT webinar, FAQ about Clot Connect 

January/February 2014

Comparison of blood thinner choices, update on FDA applications, compression stockings after DVT

November/December 2013

Clot Connect in the news, new patient education resources, consult-a-colleague, new publications

September/October 2013

Update on new oral anticoagulants, three year review of Clot Connect, recent publications 

August 2013

Frequently asked questions from patients, highlights of coagulation meeting, travel associated clots, upcoming educational opportunities

July 2013

Program news; Review of studies about:  apixaban for DVT/PE treatment, overdiagnosis of pulmonary embolism, identification of clot risk factors

June 2013

A message from Stephan Moll, MD;  Guide to the diagnosis of recurrent DVT/PE

May 2013

Natural supplements to prevent clots, thrombophilia testing while on anticoagulation

April 2013

Emergency reversal of anticoagulants, glucocorticoid and clot risk, awareness month activities

March 2013

March is Blood Clot Awareness Month.  Facts, links, and information about clot education.

February 2013

Review of clinically significant 2012 publications, apixaban guidelines, review of updated education materials available on our website

January 2013

New anticoagulant choices, Xarelto management guideline, Increasing clot awareness, Education opportunities

December 2012

Aspirin for clot prevention, professional education opportunities

November 2012

New blood thinner FDA approved, ACCP summary guide, promoting clot awareness

October 2012

Highlights of resources for both patients and healthcare professionals,  CME education opportunity 

September 2012

Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism: Information guide for newly diagnosed patients, Clot Connect Annual Report,  Healthcare professional education opportunity

August 2012

Cancer and blood clots, children and blood thinners, "When will the pain of a clot go away?"

July 2012

Hospital VTE prevention, blood donation, patient support

June 2012

Partnership for Patients, 'What kind of doctor do I need after DVT/PE?', Aspirin to prevent recurrent DVT/PE

May 2012

Compression stockings, Xarelto (rivaroxaban) hospital guidelines, program news

April 2012

Topics: INR self-testing, Xarelto, program news

March 2012

Topics: Be proactive about blood clots, new ACCP guidelines, the psychological impact of blood clots

February 2012

Topics: Reducing blood clots associated with hospitalization, CDC seeks patient stories, How often should INR be checked?, Help us better meet your needs

January 2012

Topics: How you can increase knowledge of blood clots, Does aspirin prevent DVT and PE?, Highlights of ASH, Radio ads, new blog design

December 2011

Topics: 'What Patients Need to Know' video, how to communicate better with your doctor, new clinical care guidelines

November 2011

Topics:  'Can someone on blood thinners or with a clotting disorder donate blood?', patient education webinar

October 2011

Topics:  Annual Report,  guidelines for DVT prevention after hip and knee replacement surgery, oral contraceptives and blood clot risk

September 2011

Topics:  Healthcare professional resources, Initiatives to reduce hospital-acquired VTE, community awareness

August 2011

Topics: Prescription assistance programs, CDC resources, post-thrombotic syndrome, pulmonary hypertension

July 2011

Topics:  New oral anticoagulants, collaboration news, support forum topics

June 2011

Topics:  Patient support forum, Racing towards awareness, 'What do I need to know' series

May 2011

Topics:  Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) brochure, Pradaxa®(dabigatran) hospital management guidelines, website redesign

April 2011

Topics covered:   Blood clot education videos,  NASCAR driver promotes awareness, How long to treat with blood thinners(anticoagulants)

March 2011

Topics:  DVT Awareness month, Clinical Trial Announcements, Building patient support, forum moderator