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Hospital Associated Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)

  • 40% of all VTE are associated with hospitalization, occurring either in the hospital or shortly after dischargehospital vte image
  • VTE is one of the leading preventable causes of hospital death
  • 40% or more of hospital associated VTE is preventable through prophylaxis

Hospital associated venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a serious patient safety issue.  With this in mind, we have pulled together resources which may be helpful for hospitals and organizations developing a VTE prevention strategy. 


Prophylaxis recommendations

Clinical Care Guidelines for VTE prophylaxis  Index of VTE prophylaxis and treatment guidelines from ACCP, ACP, AHA, AAOS, ASH, ACOG, NCC, ASCO; A clinical application summary is provided by Clot Connect of the VTE specific recommendations for the ACCP, AAOS, and AHA guidelines.


Comprehensive Hospital Associated VTE Guides

Preventing Hospital Acquired VTE:  A guide for effective quality improvement  Guide from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Improvement  (AHRQ)


Patient Safety Organizations with relevant safety information

Society of Hospital Medicine VTE Resource Room

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):  Hospital VTE resource page;   DVT/PE resource page

National Patient Safety Foundation

The Joint Commission

American Hospital Association Resource Center

Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation

Campaign Zero-Families for Patient Safety

Provider awareness resources

VTE Awareness video for hospital providers 


Information for Patients

Blood Clot Prevention Handout/Flyer for Hospitalized Patients  - from Clot Connect;  We encourage all hospitals and health care providers to reproduce and distribute this flyer to all patients entering the hospital or preparing for surgery.Spanish flyder image

Color, full graphic ,pdf flyer in English (download to view in Adobe reader for correct graphic display)

Black & white printing, low graphic Word flyer in English

Black & white printing, low graphic Word flyer in Spanish, courtesy of St. Peters University Hospital

Symptoms and Risk factors for DVT/PE bookmark - from Clot Connect;  The bookmark .pdf is made available for all hospitals and health care providers to reproduce and distribute to your patients.  Link to a .pdf file to utilize is provides. If you would like to have your hospital's logo inserted on one side of the bookmark, email logo and we will send a customized .pdf bookmark back to you which you can print.

Campaign Zero's patient checklist for preventing DVT