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Women's Health: pregnancy, contraceptive use, hormone replacement therapy and other clotting concerns unique to women

Birth Control,  Contraceptive Use

I am a woman considering oral contraceptive use--what do I need to know about blood clots? -from Clot Connect

Contraceptive options & clot risk chart - from Clot Connect, a chart showing various contraceptive options & clot risk (top of chart reflects highest risk; lower risk as you go down)

Yasmin, Yaz, Angeliq and risk for blood clots  -from Clot Connect

Safe postpartum birth control options -from Clot Connect

Progestin-only contraceptives and blood clots  -from Clot Connect


Hormone replacement therapy

I am a woman considering hormone replacement therapy--what do I need to know about blood clots?  - from Clot Connect

Hormone replacement therapy and clot risk -  from INATE initiative


Pregnancy and pregnancy loss

Pregnancy and blood clots:  Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment -from Clot Connect

I am a woman who has experienced pregnancy loss--what do I need to know about blood clots? - from Clot Connect

Pregnancy loss and clotting disorders - from Clot Connect

Recommendations to prevent blood clots during cesarean delivery - from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Blood clotting and pregnancy - resources from the American Society of Hematology

Thrombophilia and pregnancy - from the March of Dimes

Pregnancy and blood clots - from the This is Serious campaign 


Blood thinners (anticoagulants) and women's health

Heavy menstrual bleeds on blood thinners--what to do?  -from Clot Connect