For Patients

Support Forum

We regret Clot Connect is no longer providing a support forum for patients.

This was a difficult decision as we view support as a key element to thrombosis care. However, the discontinuation became necessary because of limited program funding and to a high volume of SPAM posts requiring staff resources to manage the discussion board at the level needed to ensure a positive online experience for users. We will be refocusing Clot Connect’s outreach efforts to create new education brochures, videos and blog articles.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the discussion forum, with a special thanks to head forum moderator Tom Hogan who put in countless volunteer hours answering your questions.    

Blood clot survivors and their families need both information and support to manage the effects of a blood clot and to prevent future clots. We are aware of the following support resources for patients:

Online support groups

North American Thrombosis Forum online support group  

Daily Strength support forum  

Vascular Disease Foundation support board 

 In-person support groups

An index of known in person support groups complied by North American Thrombosis Forum 

Guide on how to form an in person support group from the National Blood Clot Alliance 

Organizations offering connection to educational materials and/or support resources

APS Foundation

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Clot Care

Coalition to Prevent DVT

Lifeblood Thrombosis Charity (UK) 

Portal Hypertension Networking Resource

This is Serious- Women and DVT Campaign

National Blood Clot Aliance - Stop the Clot

North American Thrombosis Forum

Venous Disease Coalition